Marsha Gladstone - My Story 5:31
The shocking events that happened in my life have motivated me to travel the world and speak to people in a way that I hope will strengthen and inspire. This video will give you a brief idea of my story.
When Marsha Met Yasmin 3:59
The Yoni Jesner Foundation has been set up in memory of Yoni Jesner, 19, of Glasgow, Scotland, who was killed in a suicide bombing on a bus in Tel Aviv, Israel, on 19th September 2002. Yoni had a place at university to study medicine; it was his dream to be able to help save lives. For this reason the family agreed to donate his organs, allowing him one final opportunity to perform this ultimate act of kindness. Yoni's organs saved the lives of three people, two Jewish men, and in a unique turn of events, one of his kidneys saved the life of a little Palestinian girl. This became a major news story in Israel and Britain, and subsequently a documentary was made in which Marsha (Yoni's mother) visited the Palestinian family.
Chief Rabbi at 2016 YJA 7:26
Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis at the Yoni Jesner Awards Ceremony 2016
Sam Clifford at 2016 YJA 8:22
Sam Clifford, Yoni Jesner Foundation Director at the Yoni Jesner Awards Ceremony 2016
Marsha Gladstone at 2016 YJA 9:05
Marsha Gladstone, YJF Chair at the Yoni Jesner Awards Ceremony 2016
Mia Gray at 2016 YJA 2:37
Mia Gray, Yoni Jesner Scholar 2016-17 at the Yoni Jesner Awards Ceremony 2016
Olivia Leich at Yom Ha'zikaron 2016 9:56
Olivia Leich - My cousin Yoni Jesner
Chief Rabbi at YJA 2015 8:14
The Chief Rabbi's address at the Yoni Jesner 2015 Awards
YJA, London 2015 9:28
The Yoni Jesner Awards - London 2015
YJA, London 2014 6:01
Yoni Jesner Awards 2014
YJA, London 2013 17:34
Yoni Jesner Awards 2013
YJ Scholarship Awards 2013 7:57
Yoni Jesner Scholarship Award Ceremony
JCOSS 2010 2:45
JCOSS 2010 video