The Yoni Jesner Foundation is delighted to announce our Yoni Jesner Scholars for 2018-2019: Tsipporah Lax and Avishai Marcus.  Together, they represent key aspects of both Yoni’s personality and the criteria for the Yoni Jesner Scholars.

The Yoni Jesner Scholarship panel were extremely impressed with Tsipporah’s deep commitment to learning and her community, her ability to push herself out of her comfort zone to enhance her voluntary commitments as well as her great strength of character, compsure and thoughtful nature.  She is an inspiring role model for others, particularly as she is a naturally shy personality.

Avishai’s works across a wide spectrum of the Jewish community through his work with Maccabi Football showing a true commitment to the UK Jewish community as well as a tolerant and inclusive approach. He is dedicated to Modern Orthodoxy and is engaging, confident and thoughtful.

Both candidates demonstrated a special kind of activism within their communities and evidence of excellence. Like Yoni, Tsipporah and Avishai combine a love of humanity, a passion for Judaism and commitment to Israel with an open-minded and tolerant outlook. We wish them both all the success for their coming year in Israel.