Tsipporah Lax

Tsipporah Lax

My name is Tsipporah Lax and I am honoured to be a recipient of the Yoni Jesner Scholarship for 2018-19.

I am currently studying Biology, Maths and Biblical Hebrew at Hasmonean High School, and am looking forward to spending the coming year at Michlalah Seminary in Yerushalaim. After this, I plan to complete a degree in Occupational Therapy at Brunel University, combining my love of science with the invaluable experience I have gained from volunteering with a child who has a range of learning disabilities. I am also passionate about education: I enjoy tutoring younger students at school in a range of subjects and have previously taken part in BritSom – a unique initiative which gave me the chance to mentor schoolchildren from Somalian families and develop a close relationship with them. I believe Jewish education to be particularly important, and find huge enjoyment in running a weekly Shabbat children’s service at my shul – a venture which I began whilst participating in the Yoni Jesner Award six years ago. My hobbies include all sorts of arts and crafts which I put to good use by helping to run creative workshops for the elderly residents at a local residential care home.

I am incredibly grateful to the Yoni Jesner Foundation for enabling me to spend the coming year studying in Israel. I am so excited to have the chance to immerse myself in Torah study, surrounded by inspirational role models and teachers. I am also looking forward to the many opportunities I will have to volunteer for families in need and to explore the diverse and beautiful land. I am certain that I will return with an enriched and strengthened Jewish identity, having gained the tools I will need upon my return to make an impact in my own community. I feel truly humbled to have the chance to continue Yoni’s legacy. The generous support given to me by his family for the coming year will no doubt encourage me to emulate Yoni’s ways and to live by his principle, to “always give.” I feel it is a huge privilege to study in Israel and I can’t wait for the year to begin!

Mrs Yael Hammer, Hasmonean Girls School.

Tzipporah is not typical at all. She is outstanding in the classroom, school and community. She joined the ‘BritSom’ scheme- regularly tutoring a young girl from a Somalian family, providing homework help and extra support. She won the WOHAA award for ‘community action’ for  Indian and Malawi children, run a weekly Shabbat morning children’s service at Alei Tzion, volunteers for a family with a special needs child and volunteers in Clore Manor old age home. In school, she tutors younger students, has won numerous prizes, has set up a chavruta programme and was head of ISOC - Israel society producing their newsletter and other projects. Tzipporah is very musical and has taken part in the school concert. She is a role model to others and despite being so outstanding, is respected and beloved by her peers.   She has given so much to the community, I would love her to have this opportunity so she can nurture herself and return strengthened and ready to give more.

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