Ambucycle Dedication

One of Yoni’s friends, Ben Casper decided to honor Yoni by getting friends, family, and other community members to donate a life-saving ambucycle in honor of his memory. Together, they raised over $36,000 to purchase an ambucycle equipped with new emergency medical supplies that will be used by one of United Hatzalah of Israel's volunteer medics.

"Bikey McBikeface" - the United Hatzalah of Israel ambucycle was dedicted in Yoni Jesner's z"l memory  and was declared officially street-ready and off to save lives  two days before Yoni's 14th yahrtzeit)


Marsha Gladstone recently received an email from Avraham Sacks from the Update Team.

Subject: Update: Ambucycle #705

To the wonderful contributors of the Yoni Jesner campaign,

Your ambucycle has been busy saving lives with the help of its dedicated rider, Avi.

Last week, Avi was excited to celebrate his son’s first birthday! He was at a toy store in Central Jerusalem buying a gift when he received an alert from United Hatzalah Command Center. A man had sustained a serious head injury in the Mea Shearim neighborhood. Avi quickly placed his item on the counter and asked the clerk to hold it for him. He then ran outside, hopped on your ambucycle and sped to the scene.

The narrow streets and alleyways of Mea Shearim were backed up with typical midday traffic. Avi weaved deftly through the cars on your nimble ambucycle, arriving in just 90 seconds! He discovered a pedestrian sprawled on the pavement, bleeding from his wounds. In the tumult the man had apparently been knocked over, sending him flying back onto the hard concrete.

Avi applied pressure to the broad gash in the man’s head, in order to stem the hemmhoraging. He cleaned and bandaged the man’s wound and took a thorough set of vital signs. When the ambulance finally arrived, the recovering patient decided to refuse transport, preferring to follow-up instead at a local clinic.

Just a couple of hours later, Avi was called back to Mea Shearim. This time, a young boy was suffering from a severe asthma attack. Avi raced back to the neighborhood and made it to the location in record time!

The 7 year-old boy was wheezing horribly, unable to breathe. The experienced medic immediately administered oxygen and observed as the patient’s body relaxed from the lifesaving treatment. He continued to calm and reassure the little boy and his mother until the ambulance arrived nearly 30 minutes later.

The young mother expressed her profound gratitude for Avi’s prompt arrival and professional care. These thanks are extended to you, the generous donors of ambucycle #705. Thank you for providing Avi with the tools he needs to save lives!




Avraham Sacks

The Update Team
Israelife - United Hatzalah
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Watch the video of the dedication.

Ambucycle Dedication YouTube Video