Joseph JesnerBnei Akiva Ambulance Dedication
20 July 2003 at MDA Blood Centre, Tel Hashomer

I would like to thank Mr Avi Zohar, Mr Haim Dagan, Dr Eilat Shinar, Eli Benson, Mrs Caroline Posnansky, Mr Ambassador, Jonny Lipczer, Rabbi Brodman, distinguished guests, dear family and friends.

On hearing the bad news of Aaron's two sons, Nadav and Avihu, who died during their service in the Temple, the Torah says "Vayidom Aharon" - And Aaron stood in silence.

What could a father possibly say about a fine son like Yoni? There is a passuk in davenning that has become meaningful to me in recent times: "Rabot machshovot b'lev eish, vatzas Hashem takum". Many thoughts and desire are in the heart of Man, but only the counsel of Hashem will prevail.

What do we know - we miss Yoni. We also know that Yoni completed his Tikun in 19 years. We know that a Jew murdered because he is a Jew makes him holy, and he goes straight to Gan Eden (heaven). The pain is not diminished but we know he is in a good place.

This overwhelming tribute to Yoni by Bnei Akiva is a credit to three generations of Bnei Akiva support and participation. Grandpa Isaac and Louis Jesner and Grandpa Cyril Black kept Bnei Akiva alive during weak times and built a new building in Giffnock. Today we have to thank Grandma Vivian Black who continues to carry the flag, Michael Black who is refurbishing the Bnei Akiva Bayit in London, and Valerie and Avi Landenberg who helped to equip this state-of-the-art ambulance.

At this point I want to thank Bnei Akiva, Jonny Lipczer and the whole team of Bnei Akiva for this magnificent tribute to our dear Yoni.