Nadia Goldman

My name is Nadia Goldman and I am truly humbled to receive the Yoni Jesner scholarship 2019-2020.

I am currently studying History, English Literature, Philosophy and Ethics at Yavneh High School Manchester, and I am so excited to spend the coming year in Midreshet Harova through Torani in Yerushalayim. Upon my return from Midreshet, I plan to study Law at the University of Birmingham which is largely driven by my intellectual excitement and equally important in my motivation, is my deep personal commitment to help the vulnerable in society. This year I investigated the laws which protect the Homeless during the severe winter weather and after discovering the lack of protective legislations, I realised the issue needed a practical response and created a glove drive for the Homeless across Greater Manchester and educated primary school children on the significance of the “Homeless Catastrophe.” I have always been involved in Bnei Akiva, which has made me feel a deep connection with Yoni sharing the same ideologies. Recently I took on a new project to ensure the continuity of Bnei Akiva in Manchester, an opportunity that allows me to keep giving back to the movement living by Yoni’s principal to “always give.”

Spending a gap year in Yerushalayim will ignite a deep connection with our country allowing me to feel the very pulse of how Israel exists and I look forward to the voluntary work I can do whilst I’m away. Having the ability to live where our ancestors did rather than merely a place to visit and appreciate Israeli culture on an everyday basis is a privilege and I am thankful to be able to live there for the year. After spending a year in Israel, I look forward to sharing my enthusiasm for Judaism and Israel to the wider community.

There is no doubt in my mind that Yoni Jesner possessed an unrivalled sense of altruism, something that I aspire to replicate in my own inter-personal relations. His diligent, selfless, and compassionate nature during his short time with us, motivates me to adopt similar characteristics within my own being.

I feel truly honoured and fortunate to have the opportunity to continue Yoni’s legacy and I am hugely grateful to the Yoni Jesner foundation who enabled me to have this opportunity.