Zahava Hill

I currently attend Hasmonean where I study English Literature, Media Studies, and Politics. Next year I am planning to attend Midreshet Harova on the Bnei Akiva Torani Programme. This will, Be’ezrat Hashem, be followed by completing my national service in Israel, and then making aliyah. I then would ideally like to become a tour guide for Poland trips and Israel tours, enabling me to share my love of Israel and passion for chinuch [education].

During my time in Hasmonean I have been involved with various initiatives centred around topics such as mental health, Israel and feminism. The social action work I have been involved with has included fundraising and raising awareness for the RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People). This charity is close to my heart as they aim to support visually impaired people such as myself. 

My passions include photography, writing, and film-making. Over the past few years I have developed a small photography business which has enabled me to work with some great charities such as JAMI, JNetics, and PaJes.

Being granted this incredible scholarship means so much to me as learning in the zechut of Yoni, someone who held such meaningful and powerful values, is a constant reminder of why our culture and land is so important to us.

Similarly to Yoni, I too am the youngest sibling in my family, am passionate about Israel and Judaism as well as love being involved with hadracha and youth groups.  However, the level of warmth, thoughtfulness and humility displayed by Yoni are traits that not only inspire me but make me so incredibly thankful to have been awarded this amazing scholarship and opportunity in the zechut of Yoni.