Under One Roof 2018

All of us are under so many pressures from so many different places in this modern, fast paced world we live in. The YJF would like to offer you the opportunity over Sukkot, to step back from the fast pace of life and spend some time dedicated to yourself, your pupils and their positive wellbeing.

This year, inspired by one of Yoni's quotes (to read all of them, please click here) our theme will be

"Every human being is beautiful."

The full quote is:

"Every human being is beautiful. Each has his own needs, wants, desires, passions which serve to complement and influence our experiences. This realisation not only heightens our empathy towards each other but sets each person a mission."

The YJF has created resources and activities designed for children, young people and families.

They are around the following topics:

  • Mental Health
  • Positive self image
  • Tolerance
  • The 4 species - Embracing difference

We hope that the message of "every human being is beautiful" will connect with you on many levels and support your Sukkot programming.

How do I get involved?