Under One Roof 2018 for Individuals.

We are so excited that you are thinking about hosting an Under One Roof – Yoni’s Global Sukkah event.

All you need to do is chose a date near or during Sukkot (23rd-30th September) and invite friends and family to join you. It could be in your sukkah, on your sofa, at your school, shul or workplace. We have created some great resources and activities just for this project inspired by Yoni’s aphorism

"Every human being is beautiful"

Invite at least 10 friends and ask each friend to make a donation to the YJF (suggested minimum donation of £15).

Things to Do At Your Event

Click here to download your resources and find some activities. Make sure to send us your Sukkah Selfies using #YonisGlobalSukkah and #Everyhumanbeingisbeautiful - we will feature all of your selfies on our website and social media pages. Even if you don’t have a sukkah, this is a great opportunity to gather friends and family together and have a great time raising money for a fantastic cause.

What do I need to do?

Chose a date near or during Sukkot (23rd – 30th September) and invite people to join you. Register on our website, download our resources and remember to send us your selfies #YonisGlobalSukkah

Don't forget to ask your guests to bring a donation for the Yoni Jesner Foundation so we can raise much needed funds to continue our work!

What if I don’t have a sukkah?

You definitely don't need a sukkah to be involved in this project. Yoni was friends with people of all ages and religions. We know he would love this project because its open to everyone – if you have a sukkah or not. So whether you have never celebrated Sukkot before or are an award winning Sukkah-builder, please join us and help us make the Yoni’s Global Sukkah absolutely massive!

How do I pay in the money I’ve raised?

There are lots of ways to send the money you have raised into the YJF.

Click here to pay online
Pay by post – please send your cheque made payable to Yoni Jesner Foundation, c/o 28 Arden Road, London, N3 3AN
Don’t forget to download our Under One Roof Tzedaka box template!- Put the Tzedaka box in your Sukkah and see how much extra money you can raise.
Don’t forget to ask anyone who donates to complete our UOR Gift Aid Form (UK tax payers only). For every £1 people donate to us, we can claim an extra 25p from the government in Gift Aid. Since the money you raise at your event is made up of lots of different people’s donations, we need to be able to claim Gift Aid from each of those using the entries on the form.
Click here to download the Under One Roof Gift Aid Form. Please return the Gift Aid Form to Yoni Jesner Foundation, c/o 28 Arden Road, London, N3 3AN or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.