Yoni Jesner AwardsYoni knew from a very young age that every little thing you do makes a big difference, and that you have a real effect upon every person you come into contact with, no matter how unimportant or insignificant it may seem at the time.

The Yoni Jesner Awards honour the efforts of students who complete voluntary community service. They introduce young people getting involved in the community and making a real difference to peoples’ lives. The Awards inculcate in them a responsibility at a young age, and an awareness and appreciation of the values Yoni held so dear and lived by.

The Foundation aims to create more young leaders like Yoni, through helping our young people experience first-hand the satisfaction of doing and caring. Our young award recipients develop a far greater awareness of the needs of our community, and continue to hold a deeply felt responsibility towards their community.

The Awards is run in partnership with JLGB. JLGB delivers the programme and helps match young people with volunteering opportunities.

To find out more and register for the award, please go to www.jlgb.org/yonijesner

As Joseph Machta, one of our Yoni Jesner Scholars said:

“This project allows you to touch people’s lives and make a real difference, and in doing so you allow the spirit of Yoni and the values he embodied to live through you. Keep his spirit alive among you, and you will grow through kindness”.