YJF 15th Anniversary - Yoni's Friends 4.18
Yoni Jesner Foundation 15th Anniversary A Film made by Yoni's friends
YJF 15th Anniversary - Glasgow Highlights 1.03
Yoni Jesner Foundation 15th Anniversary Glasgow Highlights
Chief Rabbi at 2016 YJA 7:26
Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis at the Yoni Jesner Awards Ceremony 2016
Sam Clifford at 2016 YJA 8:22
Sam Clifford, Yoni Jesner Foundation Director at the Yoni Jesner Awards Ceremony 2016
Marsha Gladstone at 2016 YJA 9:05
Marsha Gladstone, YJF Chair at the Yoni Jesner Awards Ceremony 2016
Mia Gray at 2016 YJA 2:37
Mia Gray, Yoni Jesner Scholar 2016-17 at the Yoni Jesner Awards Ceremony 2016
Olivia Leich at Yom Ha'zikaron 2016 9:56
Olivia Leich - My cousin Yoni Jesner
Chief Rabbi at YJA 2015 8:14
The Chief Rabbi's address at the Yoni Jesner 2015 Awards
YJA, London 2015 9:28
The Yoni Jesner Awards - London 2015
YJA, London 2014 6:01
Yoni Jesner Awards 2014
YJA, London 2013 17:34
Yoni Jesner Awards 2013
YJ Scholarship Awards 2013 7:57
Yoni Jesner Scholarship Award Ceremony
JCOSS 2010 2:45
JCOSS 2010 video
YJF FIlm 4:51
Yoni Jesner Foundation
When Marsha Met Yasmin 3:59
Yoni's organs saved the lives of three people, two Jewish men, and in a unique turn of events, one of his kidneys saved the life of a little Palestinian girl - Yasmin. This became a major news story in Israel and Britain, and subsequently a documentary was made in which Marsha (Yoni's mother) visited the Palestinian family.
Marsha Gladstone - My Story 5:31
The shocking events that happened in my life have motivated me to travel the world and speak to people in a way that I hope will strengthen and inspire. This video will give you a brief idea of my story.